Copilot is an AI-driven assistant designed to enhance creativity and productivity for Business Central users. It streamlines the process of identifying trends and anomalies in business data by allowing you to conduct analyses through simple sentences, all within Business Central.

Instead of navigating through multiple steps to create analysis views, you can describe your desired data structure, such as “display vendors by location and sort by purchase amount,” and quickly obtain valuable insights. This feature aids in making informed decisions and taking appropriate actions based on the data insights. For instance, you can determine which vendors supply each warehouse and optimize your supply chain or negotiate better deals with vendors accordingly.

How it Work?

  • Create: Start from any list in Business Central and use Copilot by providing keywords or descriptions. Specify columns, groups, pivots, filters, or sorting. Copilot understands your layout needs, refines analysis with more keywords, and suggests a name for the new analysis tab.


  • Update: Modify existing analysis tabs with natural language commands.
  • Explain: Copilot summarizes analysis tab information into concise sentences for quick overviews or reminders when shared by colleagues.

Access this feature from the specific list page you wish to analyze. Copilot can work with most fields on the list page, including summing totals, but it cannot add fields from the source table or correlate data across tables.

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